II.C ~ selecting, implementing and adapting technology to teaching methodologies, curriculum resources and administrative functions in collaboration with other educators and integrating a variety of software, applications and learning tools

Artifact: Evaluated, selected and currently serve as the district administrator of Edmodo
Rationale: Selected and adopted this online communication and collaboration resource for use with students and colleagues. By administrating this platform, I manage the membership process as well as have access to the district's analytics to better help in the administrative function of student record keeping and progress monitoring.

Artifact: Implemented more effective and "paperless" IEP meetings using IEP+ software and other existing technology resources
Rationale: By holding each student's annual IEP meeting in my classroom with an InterWrite board and projector, I am adapting the use of this technology for an additional (and planet-friendly) administrative function. I will be sharing this concept with the special education department in my new role as technology coach to help others utilize this application's potential throughout the district.

Artifact: Selected and shared the technology tools referenced in MYtechspot, as well as built OURtechspot, a district technology implementation collaboration wikispace
Rationale: Creating MYtechspot required the selection of various technology tools and resources for integration into teaching methodologies. Included with those tools are my shared Del.icio.us bookmarks, alongside an invitation for them to to do the same with me and each other. Additionally, I created OURtechspot, a platform for our staff to share how they use these and other tools with each other. Through the use of technology, these tools provide the staff with an ever-evolving list of curriculum, education and technology resources.


Artifact: Hired by Upper Dublin to serve as the K-12 District Instructional Technology Coach (2011)
Rationale: Inherent in this role is my work assisting with the needs assessment, implementation of goals, strategies and activities and ongoing evaluation of our district's technology plan. This position also involves me in the current redesign process of the district's website with the goal to better inform, share and communicate with all of Upper Dublin's educational community stakeholders.

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