I.B ~ integrating technology into curricular planning and instructional design


Artifact: Implemented on a daily basis the InterWrite whiteboard for teaching and supporting students with various needs, and for increased student/teacher/home communication
Rationale: Implemented InterWrite hardware and software daily in the classroom while being mindful of the appropriate pedagogy. Assessed online resources to help develop lessons that address the various learning needs of all students. These files were uploaded daily to my class wikispace to further communicate with and support students (and parents). Note: InterWrite files cannot be viewed without their proprietary software, and were converted for inclusion in this portfolio to PDF files. However, in this process, all interactive links are unfortunately lost.

Artifact: Conceived and created of a digital, multi-media, and collaborative "independent science project" (with model Zoho notebook provided for additional remote guidance)
Rationale: Conceived and created classroom wikispace "platform" (combining the utilization of supportive collaborative online tools such as Zoho notebook, Google Docs, SlideShare, Edmodo and Box) to provide for an entirely digital independent (and independently-paced, based on the learner) year-long project experience. Checkpoint dates, worksheets, guiding materials and rubrics are sent to and collected from each student digitally. Teacher feedback can be managed either inside or outside of the classroom through Edmodo and Zoho notebook, where I am set as a "collaborator." Additionally, through Edmodo, all submitted student work is stored, creating a living, online portfolio of their progress.


Artifact: Incorporated an adapted McREL Technology Solutions (MTS) technology integration planning/evaluation form and Project-Based Learning resources on MYtechspot wikispace's Pedagogy & Technology page
Rationale: Understanding and utilizing appropriate instructional theories and models provide for better outcomes when integrating technology. These references are to help my colleagues and me carefully plan our path for greater clarity and increased success.

Artifact: Created MYtechspot wikispace, an educational technology wikispace for all members of the Upper Dublin staff
Rationale: In creating this information-sharing resource for the staff, I researched and evaluated existing and emerging technologies. The digital resources were assessed for their cost and educational value as a classroom tool, in relationship to the skills and time needed for effective integration. Resources were placed in a hierarchy to allow the staff to "pick and choose" the resources they felt comfortable to explore, based on their personal instructional technology level.


Artifact: Created "Ecological Footprint" classroom online activity
Rationale: This assessment is a sample of the utilization of technology that allows for multiple indicators of student progress in the classroom. To help promote academic achievement, this activity is tied to the science content standards and in an ongoing process, only the most current and appropriate online resources are included.

Artifact: Currently implementing Edmodo and wikispace "classroom" discussions
Rationale: This tool provides a motivational opportunity for learners to actively engage in the content. In this collaboration platform, students at all developmental levels can be more involved with - and learn from - each other and their teachers.

Artifact: Created Google forms and currently use them for multiple student welcome and student learning surveys
Rationale: These surveys demonstrate the use of technology for communicating, understanding learner characteristics and providing instructional resources. Early in the year, I collect this information to find out more about my students in order to better support the different learners and levels in my classroom.


Artifact: Completed Chestnut Hill College coursework while earning my degree, including: Curriculum Issues & Development, Research Methods, Learning Theories, Thinking and Cognitive Science, and Statistical Applications
Rationale: Experienced in exploring various educational theories and models as well as incorporating developmental levels and individual learning differences in curriculum development.

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