I.A ~ identification, selection, installation and maintenance of technology infrastructure, and hardware and software applications for school administration and instruction

Artifact: Hired by Upper Dublin to serve as the K-12 District Instructional Technology Coach(2011)
Rationale: Inherent in this role is my work assisting with the needs assessment, implementation of goals, strategies and activities, and ongoing evaluation of our district's technology plan. This position also involves me in the district's website redesign committee where I will use my educational, technological and leadership experience to assist in the development of a new online presence that allows the district to communicate more effectively with all of Upper Dublin's educational community stakeholders.

Artifact: Evaluated, selected and currently serve as the district administrator of Edmodo, an online communication and collaboration platform for both staff and students
Rationale: I assessed, selected, and am piloting Edmodo in my classroom as well across all district buildings. By introducing and maintaining these distance-learning environments, I am establishing for both students and building technology representatives the opportunity for ongoing collaboration and support.

Artifact: Conceived, designed and created MYtechspot, an educational technology wikispace for all members of the Upper Dublin staff
Rationale: I assessed appropriate, available technology tools and created a "curriculum hierarchy" within an interactive learning environment. MYtechspot incorporates audio and visual components to help empower all staff members at every level of ability to further develop their technology skills.

Artifact: Created and currently administer Upper Dublin's YouTube Technology channel, Technology UStream channel and Technology CoverItLive feed
Rationale: These wikispace pages on MYtechspot will host an increasing amount of staff-development presentations and tutorials, as well as provide an added venue for distance communication with students, staff, parents and the educational community as I carry out my role of district technology integration coach.


Artifact: Served as a building technology representative(2009-2011) and generated technology guides that were disseminated to both building and district staff
Rationale: I effectively provided in-person hardware and software troubleshooting to the professional staff, and utilized the "track-it" system to enter and monitor outsourced technology repair work. However, most of my troubleshooting skills were acquired by serving as an "unofficial" technology representative to friends and colleagues. The building of this portfolio and district educational technology wikispaces along with my daily use of technology demonstrates my hardware and software troubleshooting abilities.


Artifact: Completed Chestnut Hill College coursework while earning my Master of Science degree in Applied Technology in Education, including: Authoring Languages/Multimedia and Video Communications
Rationale: I am experienced in the design and production of a variety of media, both in analog and digital form and distance learning technologies, as well as assessing educational and administrative technological considerations when implementing change within an organization.

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